SheSails Initiatives for this Year

One of the points of focus for Australian sailing authorities is to take up programs that encourage the participation of more people in sailing. One of their forthcoming initiatives is to encourage women’s participation and that would be launched on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

The initiative is being taken up by She Sails which is the brand for promoting female participation in sailing. The program is designed to recognize all female contributors who are dedicated to the sport. There would be promotional and branding toolkits given out to different clubs for this program.


AkzoNobel dismissed its skipper Simeon Tienpont last week for breach of contract but the sailor contested the move. The case ended with Team AkzoNobel reinstating the disgruntled sailor just hours before the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race.

According to reports Tienpont was granted permission to lead the team on the morning of the stage 1 race. He eventually cast off from Alicante with a crew of seven members. The bulk of the experienced crew remained ashore so a shore team was put together and a sailor borrowed from another squad for the race. (more…)